Our Snake Avoidance classes offer a 15-minute training session that could save your dog's life. Central Pet has partnered with Animal Experts, Inc. to provide the most effective training for rattlesnake avoidance in Arizona. Your dog will learn to recognize (and avoid) rattlesnakes by sight, sound and scent to prepare them for the many ways in which they might encounter the deadly reptiles. You will walk your dog through a short course that will allow them to come upon snakes in different settings and give them the opportunity to react accordingly. E-collars are used for this training session as they are absolutely essential to its success. All snakes on site are muzzled and with a handler.

For more information about our Rattlesnake Avoidance course, read our blog.

Central Pet is proud to partner with Animal Experts in order to provide a safe, controlled and authentic training experience for your pet. Jill Cruz, our certified dog trainer working with Animal Experts, hosts our Snake Avoidance training classes run throughout the spring and summer when rattlesnakes are most active. Classes are run multiple days a week at both Central Pet locations in Tucson and Amado. Contact us below for more information on classes and upcoming dates!