Professional Protection Dog Training

Dogs have a natural instinct for family and home protection. However, it takes special training to help your dog behave in accordance with this desire to defend. That is where professional protection dog training classes come in. 

When it comes to protection dog training, Central Pet is committed to delivering what you most want and need out of your dog. From teaching your dog courage to fine-tuning their natural protective instinct both on and off-leash, our goal is to turn your pooch into an obedient guardian who is also social and family-oriented. 

As with most other skill training, the best time to start is when your dog is still very young. This doesn’t mean an older dog can’t be trained, it may just take a little longer. 

Keep in mind that not all dogs are meant to be protection dogs, nor should they be expected to. Oftentimes, how well your dog will protect or how easy he is to train is dependent on his breed. In other cases, it’s all about temperament. Our professional protection dog trainer will be able to help you determine if your pooch would be a good candidate for this type of training.  

To learn more about our professional dog training program, call and set up a consultation. We will be happy to help you determine what training is best for you and your family.

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