Training your dog is a great way to ensure that you've got a lifelong companion!  At Central Pet, we have more than a few 'tricks' up our sleeve.  (Pun intended).  We all love our pets but uncontrollable & destructive behaviors may cause waves in an otherwise wonderful relationship. Training not only eliminates unwanted behaviors, but it also strengthens the bond between pet parents and their furry little ones. It's a great way to improve your doggy's social skills, create realistic boundaries, and ensure that your bond with your fur-baby lasts a lifetime.

Already have a well behaved pup?  Great! Try our agility classes or therapy dog readiness course to build your bond and share their special personalities with others!


What makes dog training at Central Pet different from everywhere else? It works!

Our dog trainers have years of experience and proven results that allow them to provide effective training at very competitive prices. We involve the pet parents every step of the way, giving them the tools needed for long-term success. Our group classes cater to each individual dog, allowing you to fully customize your training experience to you and your dog's specific needs.

Tried other training classes with limited results?  Let us show you how it's done!


Some of our most popular classes are Rattlesnake & Colorado Toad Avoidance. Living in Arizona, these dangerous animals can be found in the most unpredictable places. While they pose a serious threat to humans, they pose a higher risk to dogs who are naturally curious and down on their level. Dogs who have been bitten by rattlesnakes or ingested Colorado River toad poison have a 20% survival rate and anti-venom can cost thousands of dollars. Our avoidance training classes teach your pup to spot these invasive creatures by sight, sound, and smell, allowing them to avoid an injury and alert you of their presence. Call us at (520) 882-7577 or complete our online training request form to sign up today!