Staying Happy, Healthy & Out of the Heat!

This time of year, the rising temperatures can keep both you and your pet indoors more than usual.   While you may use this time to binge watch Netflix or finish up those projects you never got around to, don’t forget that your pet is also feeling a little stir crazy.  Having the right items on hand will make you both happier and could save your home from the damages that are sometimes caused by restless pups.

At Central Pet, our two favorite solutions for bored or destructive pups include Doggy Daycare and sturdy, puzzle chew toys.  Doggy Daycare allows your pup to come frolic and play with other canine companions in a safe and temperature-controlled environment.  Take a peek at our Daycare page to see what we have available near you!  If your pet is not the social type, try out some of our favorite durable toy brands to keep them focused and help them burn off that excess energy.

West Paw toys offer more than just an indestructible chewing option!  They also offer the Tux, Qwizl, and Toppl, which provide hours of engagement and problem-solving strategy to your pup.  These toys challenge your pup to release the treats they hold and can be filled with a variety of snacks to fit your pets diet.  The best part is that they come with a life-time guarantee!

Benebones are another wonderful option for pet owners who need to occupy their pets for longer periods of time.  They’re durable, long-lasting chews that come flavored in peanut butter, chicken or bacon.  They even offer the Pawplexer, which allows you to insert a bully stick for easy chewing.  Not only does this make their treat last longer, but it can help to save your floors from having wet bully stick rubbed across them.

Utilizing these simple options will not only keep your pup occupied but can save your home from the destruction that can be caused by restless paws.  Wondering which option is best for your pet?  Call or stop in to talk to one of our highly trained staff.  We’d be happy to discuss your personal situation and help you find the right solution to keep your pup out of the high temps and still happy and healthy!