Salon & Spa Services
Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning & brush out.
Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning, brush out, cut, trim or shave.
Feline Bath or Groom
Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, cut, trim or shave.
Spa Package
Includes luxury shampoo & conditioner, teeth brushing, nail dremel, nose butter & paw waxing.
Nail Trim
Clip or dremel available.
Blueberry Facial
Tearless, brightening shampoo that eliminates that "wet dog" smell.
Anal Expression
By a professional, experienced & certified groomer!
Paw Waxing
A luxurious wax applied to your pet's feet to soften and protect from cracks, calluses & damage caused by concrete or rocky terrain.
Teeth Brushing
Regular brushing of your pet's teeth helps to remove plaque & tartar build up and helps to fight gum disease.
Loosening and removal of the undercoat that helps to prevent excess shedding.
Gentle removal of matts in cats & dogs. Be aware that removal of matts may reveal irritated skin or wounds that have been caused by matting.
Flea & Tick Dip
Medicated bath for the removal of fleas & ticks and soothing treatment of bug bites. Flea & Tick prevention/repellents can be purchased in-store.
Mud Treatment
A luxurious mud bath treatment to shine & soften the coat of your pet.
Mineral Allergy Shampoo
A specialty shampoo for pets and pet owners who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.
Skunk Deodorizer
A highly effective deodorizing shampoo used to eliminate the odor in pets that have been sprayed by skunks.
Deep De-Shedding
Excess loosening & removal of undercoat in long-haired, double-coated breeds to help prevent excess shedding & aide in annual coat-blowing.


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