Salon & Spa Services
Dog Bath
$20 - $85
Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning & brush out.
Dog Groom
$45 - $120
Includes nail trim, anal expression, ear cleaning, brush out & cut, trim or shave.
Cat Bath or Groom
$75 - $85
Includes nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out & cut, trim or shave.
Spa Package
Includes luxury shampoo & conditioner, teeth brushing, nose butter & paw waxing.
Nail Trim
Dremel Nails
Blueberry Facial
Tearless, brightening shampoo that eliminates that "wet dog" smell and brightens white coats.
Anal Expression
By a professional, experienced & certified groomer.
Paw Waxing
A luxurious wax applied to your pet's feet to soften and protect from cracks, calluses & damage caused by concrete or rocky terrain.
Teeth Brushing
Regular brushing of your pet's teeth helps to remove plaque & tartar build-up and helps to fight gum disease.
$10 - $20
Loosening and removal of the undercoat that helps to prevent excess shedding and aide in annual coat-blowing.
$15 - $25
Gentle removal of matts in cats & dogs. Be aware that removal of matts may reveal irritated skin or wounds that have been caused by matting.
Flea & Tick Dip
Medicated bath for the removal of fleas & ticks and soothing treatment of bug bites. Flea & Tick prevention/repellents can be purchased in-store.
Mud Treatment
A luxurious mud bath treatment to shine & soften the coat of your pet.
Mineral Allergy Shampoo
A specialty shampoo for pets and pet owners who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies.
Skunk Deodorizer
A highly effective deodorizing shampoo used to eliminate the odor in pets that have been sprayed by skunks.


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