Ditch The Itch – Handling Allergy Season in Arizona

Spring in Arizona brings with it a slew of allergens that can be rough on our four-legged friends.  If you’ve noticed your pet is scratching more often, has red or watery eyes, or a runny nose, your pet may be suffering from allergies.  Just like human allergies, our pets immune system is triggered by allergens, causing a variety of reactions from itchy skin and watery eyes to vomiting and diarrhea.  The most common allergens that upset our little ones are pollen, dust mites, ticks, fleas, cleaning products, and foods.

Regular grooming with proper drying, flea and tick treatments, and having your dog tested for allergies are all effective ways to prevent allergy symptoms and dreaded hot spots that can pose a serious risk to your pup.    And, as always, Central Pet is here to help by offering professional grooming services, flea and tick treatments, and a wide variety of pet foods to cater to your pet’s dietary restrictions.

While it’s always recommended to take your pet to a vet when they display symptoms, there are also a few things you can do at home to help treat the irritated and itchy skin that comes with allergic reactions, as well as prevent it.  We recommend printing the following graph as a useful reminder of things to watch out for, or keep on hand, in case your pup is diagnosed with allergies.  Be sure to check with your veterinarian if you have questions or concerns.


Courtesy of Dog Lover’s Towel.