Luxury Dog Boarding Suites

Our Luxury Suites are by far our most popular rooms! Measuring 7' x 10', this suite boasts additional space as well as a private outdoor patio that they can access at their leisure. For added comfort and peace of mind, each enclosure features a live-stream web cam that can be accessed 24 hours a day via our website.
Located in the east building, this room includes 5 daily trips to a private play yard. In addition, they're sure to enjoy the sights and sounds of Animal Planet as it plays on our large screen TVs. This is an indoor/outdoor room. The private patio will be closed at night, leaving your pet to rest in the indoor portion of their suite that features year-round climate control.

Please be aware that this is a REQUEST and submission of this form does not guarantee your reservation.
Additional pets staying in same room will be charged a discounted rate.

One of our staff will contact you shortly to complete your request based on room availability.

If you need faster assistance, please contact the location directly at (520) 398-8661.